7 Things You Can Do to Avoid Divorce

Marital quarrels are common but don’t have to end in a divorce hearing. Learn how to avoid divorce in the following.

We always imagine that being with people we love will automatically make us happy. However, plans do not always run smoothly so you need to find reasons to avoid divorce from your partner.

Not all unhappy marriages end in divorce. There are many factors that make a person stay in the marriage bond.


Living in an unhappy marriage will be an inner torment in itself. But the dilemmas surrounding such a couple are numerous.

If divorced, child affairs will be more troublesome. If not divorced, the child’s mental will be affected because there is a cold war that occurred in both parents.

Relax, there are ways you can do to avoid divorce. Here are the steps.

1. Perfection does not exist

Instagram photos of friends and celebrities that you follow are not as beautiful as in real life. Korean dramas containing handsome boys and cute romantic beautiful girls also just follow the existing scenario.

So, there’s no need to imagine that your husband or wife will do the same. If you see a partner full of flaws, it could be that he is seeing the same thing.

To avoid divorce, don’t expect your partner to appear perfectly according to your dreams. Love is about accepting flaws. If he is the one who demands perfection, remind him that he too has flaws, which you accept lovingly and gracefully.

2. Stop blaming your partner

When something has gone wrong, don’t get in the habit of blaming your partner. Self-reflect and start to improve without grumbling too much.

Not all sadness and unhappiness comes from a partner. Sometimes, it is difficult for us to find happiness in ourselves so that no matter what happens, we will still be happy,

3. Be more logical

Many women choose their husbands for reasons that don’t make sense. For example, at that time you loved him so much that he ignored the fact that at that time he was actually still unemployed or had a lazy nature that made him fail to be a breadwinner.

People who are in love sometimes ignore this fact from their partners, so they are surprised when love starts to erode, especially when the burden increases.

If you are already married, then you need to work with your partner to face the real world that is not as beautiful as the dream of love in your shadow. In order to avoid divorce, you need to help him become a supportive partner for you.

4. If you want to be loved, make an effort to suit yourself to be loved

Love that is what it is sometimes has certain conditions. For example, kindness, intelligence, attention, compassion, and so on.

If you don’t strive to have the edge to be loved, then you can’t demand that she love you. Falling in love does come without conditions, but it takes a lot of things to stay in love.

Find out what makes your partner happy and support him in living his hobby. You will be able to be loved by him when he realizes that you are a partner who understands what he likes.

5. Minimizing rules

Some people like to make rules in marriage. It’s as if her partner will get a “first warning”, “second warning,” third warning “when making a mistake as well as when he was in the office.

If you thought that the rules would make your relationship work, then you are mistaken. Lots of rules will restrain him.

You need to avoid divorce by loosening your standards and starting to believe in them. Of course, you also don’t want it if you don’t believe it?

6. Understand that love and sex are two different things

Couples who are already married in the long term are usually able to make their relationship more stable. However, they usually ignore sex as an important spice in the household.

Or it could be the other way around, if you and your partner attach importance to sex and ignore the importance of communication, attention, and cooperation, then your marriage will not make you happy.

Sex and love are two different things. Then you need to balance it. Give him as much attention as kisses you give him each day.

7. Realizing that you and your partner actually have a lot of differences

When you were with your partner in the beginning, you probably often looked for similarities that existed in your partner. For example, they both like music, both like to travel, and so on.

The similarity will be good for a short relationship, but not for a long-term relationship. A long lasting relationship will understand that your partner has different characteristics, potential, and character from you and with all your heart, you will understand it.

If you fully realize these seven things and improve afterward, then you will be able to avoid unwanted divorce. Of course, working with a partner is an important key to the success of this.

However, not all marriages deserve to be maintained. If you experience verbal or physical domestic violence, you should be fully aware that such a relationship must be ended immediately.