9 Methods To Respond To Comparison Of Opinions

Comparison of opinions is natural comments is interwoven in social life. Not only in the community area, the comparison of comments can also occur in the nuclear family area. Oftentimes, this situation causes conflict or disagreement.

Then, what is the method of dealing with comment comparisons? Follow the following discussion.

Comparison Of Opinions

What is the method to complete the comment comparison?

When socializing, you may have a comparison of comments with the other person. This is natural.

Not only in a large scope such as residents or work areas, comparisons of comments can be made with family, especially companions.

So, what is the way to finish the comparison of comments wisely?

Always calm

When comparisons are made in a dialogue, don’t get emotional easily. Negative emotions will create negative attitudes or words as well. This is definitely not going to solve the problem.

Try to stay calm in all situations. You can try to take a deep breath and pause for a moment first.

Attempt to master and accept

People tend to disagree on something they don’t understand. For that, trying to master the other person’s point of view makes you more tolerant of comparisons, let alone respecting those comparisons.

Mastering and appreciating other people’s comments also doesn’t mean you approve of that person’s comments. You’re just pretending to be open to observing other people’s opinions.

Reporting from Australasian Psychiatry, listening and mastering are important steps in improving communication and avoiding disputes, especially in the family. Not infrequently, these disputes also affect mental health.

Be a good listener

Regarding the first point, in order to be able to master and accept other people’s points of view, you must be willing to be a good listener.

In a comparison, it means for each party to take turns looking at each other’s reasons. Of course you need to pay attention with curiosity, non-judgment, and open minded.

When paying attention to the other person’s comments, share your full attention. You can also ask for clarification if needed.

Responsible for arguments

In addition to being a good listener and mastering comparisons, you also need to have justifiable reasons.

Try to be honest with yourself, understand your feelings, and share reasons or interpretations when asked to. Perhaps your reasoning can dilute the existing comparison.

Don’t forget to give your reasons calmly, without having to hurt other people’s feelings.

There is no win or lose

In a comment comparison situation, emphasize to yourself that there is no win or loss, there is no right or wrong comment. Try to compromise on comparisons and focus on solving problems.

Looking for common ground as a middle path

Instead of always looking at the existing comparisons, try to focus on the similarities or goals between you and the other person. This can be an efficient method of dealing with comment comparisons.

Looking for a quiet place

Finding a quiet place to separate or experience comparison comments can be a wise solution. This could be a method of experiencing comment comparisons in the workspace.

Instead of placing people who have different comments in one meeting room, for example, you as a separator or boss can separate them into a quieter place and create a more conducive atmosphere to see each other’s perspectives.

Respect the decision

Be tolerant and respect decisions that have been agreed upon by all parties in a deliberation or an atmosphere of comparison of comments is wise behavior. This can keep you from various social conflicts that may arise.

Looking for an intermediary

If the comparison of comments does not create a bright spot, asking for the encouragement of a third party as an intermediary can be a solution.

When problems arise with companions or family, asking for encouragement or input from a marriage counselor or family psychologist can be a solution.

In conflicts in the workplace, asking HRD for encouragement to carry out mediation you can also try to overcome the comparison of comments.

In the community, you can carry out consultations with community leaders to find a middle path from the comparison of comments that occur.