Can Mechanical Malfunction Cause Car Accidents?

The main reason why car accidents happen is due to negligence. Negligence from a driver’s end occurs, and the risk of injury and other damages rise significantly. While one might think of avoiding a car accident by taking a few precautions, one must pay attention to the significance of mechanical maintenance of the car.


The reasons for a car accident can be several. As a result, it will be most beneficial to ensure safety from all sides. Also, one must not hesitate to hire a Rutland VT Car Accident Lawyer when legal case and representation become necessary. Not hiring a lawyer can decrease the victim’s chances of fair compensation and justice.

Probability of a mechanical malfunction regarding a car accident: 

The probability of a car accident occurring due to mechanical malfunction, or low maintenance is significantly high. You will be surprised to know that a mechanical malfunction in your car can become the sole reason behind an accident. Similarly, mechanical malfunction can contribute to a car accident, transforming a minor accident into a catastrophic one.

Multiple mechanical malfunctions can be likely for a car. For instance, seatbelts will stop working if not appropriately maintained, airbags will not inflate upon encountering an accident, tires will have defects if the pressure is not checked regularly, accelerators can act abnormally and can get triggered inadvertently, etc.

Such mechanical malfunctions can be avoided if one pays attention to the car’s maintenance. If any motorized vehicle, let alone a car, is not serviced, oiled, and maintained frequently, the chances of a car accident will increase, and injuries or damages will become more likely.

Who will be held responsible for mechanical malfunction-related car accidents? 

When a seatbelt fails or any other mechanical part malfunctions while driving, in such cases, product defects will come into play. Mechanical parts such as safety gear in a car are a product provided by the car manufacturer. Due to mechanical malfunctions, the car manufacturer will likely face a product liability case.

A design defect can occur in an entire line of products, or this case, cars. On the other hand, a manufacturing defect can happen during the manufacturing process, construction, or production of the product. Manufacturing defects can be reduced to only a particular product but not the entire line of products.

As a result, most states allow victims to recover damages due to design defects or manufacturing issues, given they faced injuries due to malfunctioning. It will be most helpful to hire a car accident lawyer in Rutland, VT, to avoid legal blunders and maximize the chances of fair compensation.