Legal Subjects in the Scope of International Trade

International trade law is part of international law. The existence of the subject in international trade law is also not much different from the subject in international law. The subject of international trade law is the holder of rights and obligations who have the capacity for international trade law.

The subject of international trade law can be broken down into:

  • Country,
  • International organization,
  • Multinational industry, and
  • Person.
  • Country

The main subject of international trade law is the country.

This is due to the fact that many domestic policies dominate in making international trade ties.

As the main legal subject in international trade, the state performs two purposes, namely public use and private use.

Public use applies when the state carries out its position as a public institution that carries out public actions.

For example, establishing policies or laws and regulations related to international trade and making trade agreements between countries.

Meanwhile, private use can be carried out if the state carries out private legal actions, such as making agreements with private legal subjects.

International trade organization

International organizations have a position in formulating regulations related to international trade law.

An international trade organization is a collection of countries established by conventions of countries in an international agreement.

This international organization plays a significant role in shaping and improving international trade arrangements.

Basically, international organizations in the field of international trade can be classified into 2, namely:

International organizations that specifically have the authority to control certain international trade ties, … Read More