Grow Up The Employee Loyalty

Employees are the greatest asset of the company. Therefore, natural that many bosses who do not want to lose quality employees. But the career opportunities more widely these days is not able to hold employees to pursue a better career. Especially if they do not get satisfaction in the workplace today. So a good chance it comes, they will not delay to resign and move work. Read also

Well, as the boss, if you do not want to lose a potential employee you need to apply some tactics to keep them loyal to you and the company. You need to log, big salaries do not guarantee employee loyalty. There are other things that are interrelated that make a person has a high loyalty to the company. Consider first tricks:

– Know your interests and skills as well as their respective employees. By knowing their strengths and weaknesses, you are so much easier to give tasks according to the skills and interests of each.

– Instill confidence in employees. If the employee fails to do something, take a little time to discuss the issues they face. Give them a chance to try again when they already know where the problem is. This will restore their confidence to produce the best.

– If they managed to do the task, give sincere compliments. Although seem trivial, praise makes employees feel valued and recognized. It can encourage them in their daily tasks.

– Give them confidence in doing the task. Control of their work may be just, but do not regulate or interfering with the work of employees. Give them the freedom and responsibility. Give a clear deadline when these tasks should be completed, without the need to know their every move.

– Give them a challenge. The best way to retain employees is to ensure that they continue to learn. Avoid monotonous work. Give a slight variation in their work. Every now and then try to give them the task which they have never done. But of course, to the extent appropriate to their capacity and capability.

– Involve them in making decisions. Listen to suggestions, opinions, and criticisms of them. Thus they feel more appreciated. They will feel more own companies. In addition, they will feel the togetherness in the office. This method is proven to foster loyalty.

Thus, they would be more comfortable and have a firm feel (sense of belonging). So that they will feel strongly objected when leaving the office and work today. But if the offer is very attractive outside and they still choose to move, so be it. As a wise boss, you still have to support his decision. What is important as your boss continues to motivate and encourage the spirit of loyalty of existing employees.

Besides speak well, you are also required to be a good listener. As he spoke, make sure you understand what it says. Feel free to give feedback about the conversation. But do not be interrupted while he was talking with a spirit. Use the appropriate time to respond to his speech.