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To slim this to search for cases on treaties, choose Treaties from the Topic Search menu on the left, then open the + signs to search out extra specific topics, for example Bilateral Double Tax Relief. UN Treaty Series.The majority of international tax agreements are bilateral, however can also be multilateral.

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The United States’ treaties usually don’t comply with the OECD Model Convention. The United States follows its own model (at present the 2016 U.S. Model Income Tax Convention), which had initially developed from the OECD Model Convention and thus typically parallels its structure.

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Although the overwhelming majority of multilateral treaties are deposited with the UN and form part of the UN Treaty Series, there is no requirement for deposit. However, this can be a good place to start out and incorporates probably the most complete collection of internatiomnal tax agreements from all countries.

masking taxation on overseas income of residents and home revenue of non-residents. The Centre offers impartial research on elementary issues in business taxation as well as engaging in debate on particular policy points. The Law Faculty has played a key position in establishing the Centre and continues to take part as a companion in this enterprise.

Similar to the introduction to the OECD Model Convention, the preamble to the U.S. Model Convention has been up to date to explicitly state the underlying policy that treaties ought to get rid of double taxation with out creating alternatives for non-taxation or reduced taxation by way of tax evasion or avoidance (the “single tax principle”). The ECJ Caselawdatabase contains decisions on all tax issues, not solely worldwide agreements.