Tips for Communities in Using Legal / Advocate Legal Services

When someone/corporation discusses a problem that is difficult to resolve or indeed there is someone who does not try how to overcome the defense measures carried out according to the law against the wishes.

Usually “someone/corporation” will first look for the closest people who understand the law to immediately get legal advice so that there is a solution / useful solution to the legal problems being carried out. If you need consultation about criminal law, visit Tulsa criminal defense lawyer

About the basic things that need to be considered by the public about the corporation that will be appointed as the Legal Recipient are:

1. Advocates appointed as members of the Advocate organization who invite the state are very important in connection with a time the Advocate appointed as the recipient is responsible for relating the code of ethics so the Client/community can merge the Honorary Board of Advocates’ Organization to request by law and proof can be done through an advocate code of ethics carried out by the advocate’s organizational honor council

2. The advocate to be appointed as an office with a clear address, this is also important because of the compilation of the power of attorney from the authorization to the recipient of the authority, the correspondence will then be adjusted to the address of the Advocate’s office. As an example.

3. The advocate who will be appointed as the expertise / recognized case to be handled, this tip also needs to be considered because perhaps the Advocate can resolve the case in the Court to the maximum, while this Advocate has never been corrected in the Court, either first level, appeal or cassation.

4. Advocates who will be appointed as having conflicts of interest with other parties / opposing parties, this is also very important related to issues related and compensating with interests that are mutually contradictory in the case being carried out by the Advocate because it will cause something that contrary to professional ethics

After the Prospective Client is sure to appoint an Advocate (Lawyer) who will discuss the law, then begin to talk about the honor of the Advocate, whether the Advocate’s honor is included (included) when the Client is willing (has received legal counsel)?

Regarding the Advocates’ honorarium that will be given by the client, there is no one who determines it / there is no standard honorarium regarding the amount of money given because all are in accordance with the agreement between the two parties between the Advocate and the Client.