The Top Car Safety Risks in Your Local Community

No matter where you live in Macon or the surrounding area, there are various safety risks for drivers at any time of the year. As a Macon car accident lawyer, we notice more accidents in certain locations and particular times of the year in the city. Keep reading as we share some of the top hazards you need to be aware of over the upcoming months.

Local Construction Sites

We all know how much construction has been taking place in the local area over the past few years. These construction sites can often encroach onto the nearby roads, and as a Macon car accident lawyer, we’ve dealt with many cases which occurred as a result of these sites. When you are driving close to a construction site, you need to be more aware of the various types of vehicles that are around. There are often more trucks in the area delivering supplies, which will need more space to turn or reverse. On top of that, watch out for staff or pedestrians who are diverted due to these sites. With so much noise and action taking place, you need to drive slowly and carefully the next time you approach a local construction site.

Sports Events

While sporting events are an exciting day out for your whole family, our team of Macon car accident lawyers has seen a lot of accidents take place on game days. There’s often a lot more traffic during these days, and many of the game’s attendees are … Read More

What Debts Are Discharged In Chapter 11?

Chapter 11 allows individuals and businesses to liquidate or reorganize their debts. Chapter 11 is different from Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Chapter 11 usually involves higher amounts of money about the assets and liabilities of the individual and business.

Who Can File For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Both individuals and businesses can use Chapter 11 to resolve their debts. You can organize the debts in your name as an individual debtor to help you restructure your finances, protect your assets, and pay off your creditors. You can still organize the debt if you file as a company, but only for the business debts.

Examples of Chapter 11 Cases Filed By Individuals

Individuals rarely file Chapter 11 cases. Individuals rarely file Chapter 11 cases. However, they do so for either real estate investment reorganization (or reorganization of unsecured debts which are too high to be eligible for Chapter 13 relief).

Real Estate Investors May Use Chapter 11 to Rewrite Mortgages

Chapter 11 is an effective tool for real estate investors that allows them to rewrite mortgages. Chapter 11 allows you to reduce principal balances to the property’s value. This would lower the mortgage to $100,000 from $50,000.

Chapter 11 allows you to reduce your interest rate and extend your term of repayment. Chapter 11 is often used to extend the term up to 360 months (30 years). This allows you to pay less monthly and makes the property more profitable.

Use Chapter 11 to Reorganize Large Debts Unsecured

To … Read More