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The authentic Act contained ninety four sections, divided into 13 chapters and four schedules. If a criminal offense involves a pc or community located in India, persons of other nationalities may also be indicted under the legislation, .

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However, P Rajeev stated that the UK dealt solely with communication from individual to individual. The Act offers a authorized framework for digital governance by giving recognition to digital data and digital signatures. The Act directed the formation of a Controller of Certifying Authorities to control the issuance of digital signatures. It additionally established a Cyber Appellate Tribunal to resolve disputes rising from this new law. The Act also amended various sections of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, the Indian Evidence Act, 1872, the Banker’s Book Evidence Act, 1891, and the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 to make them compliant with new technologies.

Then Minister for Communications and Information Technology Kapil Sibal defended the present law, saying that comparable laws existed in US and UK. He also said that an identical provision existed beneath Indian Post Office Act, 1898.

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The Section sixty nine permits intercepting any information and ask for data decryption. The Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 permits the federal government to tap telephones. But, based on a 1996 Supreme Court verdict the federal government can tap telephones solely in case of a “public emergency”. Rajeev Chandrasekhar advised the 66A should solely apply to individual to individual communication pointing to an analogous section underneath the Indian Post Office Act, 1898. Shantaram Naik opposed any adjustments, saying that the misuse of legislation was enough to warrant adjustments.

The CIO shall direct the event of insurance policies, procedures and requirements for assessing safety risks, figuring out the suitable security measures and performing safety audits of government electronic information. Such insurance policies, procedures, and requirements will apply to the commonwealth’s government, legislative, and judicial branches, and unbiased businesses and establishments of upper education. Provides that the chief information officer shall set up policies and procedures for the security of private information that’s maintained and destroyed by state businesses. Provides for a chief data safety officer who’s responsible for the implementation of such policies and procedures.