How to Convert Business Videos for Different Devices with Movavi Video Converter

Transferring business videos to colleagues or potential clients is easier than ever nowadays and you can choose to directly transfer them, mail them, or even provide a download link. However before you do any of that it would be worth remembering that not all formats of video are compatible with every device, and so you may need to convert your business videos to match the requirements of the device that it is going to be viewed on.


While you may be apprehensive about dealing with video formats, Movavi Video Converter should help ensure that you have an easy time doing so. It doesn’t require any special skills to use, and even if you have a scant knowledge of video formats you’ll be able to get along just fine and start converting .MP4 to .MOV, .WMV to .AVI, and so on.

Converting a business video using Movavi Video Converter is really a very straightforward 3-step process where all you need to do is :

  1. Click ‘Add video’ and select the business video that you want to convert.
  2. Expand the ‘Convert to’ list and select the format that you want or choose a preset for the device or platform that you want to use to set the format and video settings to automatically.
  3. Click ‘Convert’ to start converting your video.

As you can see it really is simple enough and thanks to the presets in Movavi Video Converter you don’t even actually need to know which format is best. On top of that you can also use the software for a number of other tasks as well, such as enhancing your videos, cutting and combining video segments, inserting customizable text, grabbing screenshots, converting audio and image files, creating animated GIFs, extracting audio tracks from videos, and much more.

All in all Movavi Video Converter will be an extremely useful multi-purpose media converter, and having one of those up your sleeve is definitely a good idea. Just try it out for yourself to see how easy it is to use and how quickly you’re able to familiarize yourself with the features that it offers.