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It is also that the government is responsible for failure to properly implement a Directive or Regulation, and should subsequently pay damages. In Francovich v Italy, the Italian government had didn’t arrange an insurance fund for workers to say unpaid wages if their employers had gone bancrupt, because the Insolvency Protection Directive required. Francovich, the former employee of a bankrupt Venetian firm, was due to this fact allowed to claim 6 million Lira from the Italian government in damages for his loss. The Court of Justice held that if a Directive would confer identifiable rights on individuals, and there’s a causal hyperlink between a member state’s violation of EU and a claimant’s loss, damages should be paid.

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The Court of Justice suggested a breach is to be considered ‘sufficiently severe’ by weighing a range of factors, such as whether or not it was voluntary, or persistent. In Köbler v Republik Österreich the Court of Justice added that member state legal responsibility may also circulate from judges failing to adequately implement the legislation.


It was not decisive that the German Parliament had not acted willfully or negligently. It was merely needed that there was a rule supposed to confer rights, that a breach was sufficiently severe, and there was a causal hyperlink between the breach and damage.

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On the other hand, it is also clear that EU institutions, such as the Commission, could also be liable according to the identical principles for failure to comply with the legislation. The only institution whose choices appear incapable of producing a damages declare is the Court of Justice itself. Fifth, nationwide courts have an obligation to interpret domestic legislation “so far as attainable within the mild of the wording and function of the directive”. The Court of Justice quickly acknowledged that the responsibility of interpretation can not contradict plain words in a nationwide statute.

So, in Factortame it was irrelevant that Parliament had legislated to require a quota of British ownership of fishing vessels in main legislation. Similarly, in was Brasserie du Pêcheur v Germany the German government was liable to a French beer firm for damages from prohibiting its imports, which did not comply with the fabled beer purity regulation.