The Top Car Safety Risks in Your Local Community

No matter where you live in Macon or the surrounding area, there are various safety risks for drivers at any time of the year. As a Macon car accident lawyer, we notice more accidents in certain locations and particular times of the year in the city. Keep reading as we share some of the top hazards you need to be aware of over the upcoming months.

Local Construction Sites

We all know how much construction has been taking place in the local area over the past few years. These construction sites can often encroach onto the nearby roads, and as a Macon car accident lawyer, we’ve dealt with many cases which occurred as a result of these sites. When you are driving close to a construction site, you need to be more aware of the various types of vehicles that are around. There are often more trucks in the area delivering supplies, which will need more space to turn or reverse. On top of that, watch out for staff or pedestrians who are diverted due to these sites. With so much noise and action taking place, you need to drive slowly and carefully the next time you approach a local construction site.

Sports Events

While sporting events are an exciting day out for your whole family, our team of Macon car accident lawyers has seen a lot of accidents take place on game days. There’s often a lot more traffic during these days, and many of the game’s attendees are in a rush to get to the stadium on time. When you are planning to watch a game, make sure you set off well in advance of the start time. Don’t rush to get there and park, as you know this will take longer than it would on a typical day in Macon. As far as parking, make sure you take a note of the section you are parked in or take a photograph of the area where you left your car. We notice a lot of accidents and thefts during games, but the more evidence you have of your vehicle before it took place, the better equipped you will be to deal with this.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are crucial buildings in any local community. However, there are many hazards to be aware of when you are driving nearby to one. If the local residents from the nursing home are out for a walk, you need to ensure you are aware that they might need extra time to cross the road. Drive very slowly as you approach a nursing home, and keep an eye out all around you for obstacles. Our Macon car accident lawyers have seen many pedestrian accidents in these areas. As a community, we need to play our part to look after the elderly and more vulnerable residents to ensure we reduce the number of accidents that take place each year.


In the same way that nursing homes require you to slow down and pay more attention, the same can be said for schools. We all know how excitable kids can be at the end of the school day, but that doesn’t mean you need to rush your journey through the local area. If you are dropping off your kids at school, make sure you find somewhere safe to park. Try to escort your kids into school if it’s based on a busy road. While you might think your kids will pay attention when walking to school, you never know when a sudden distraction could catch them off guard and result in an accident that needs the help of a Macon car accident lawyer.


When new roads or buildings are being built in Macon, it’s not unusual for diversions to pop up around the city. While these are often much safer for drivers, you still need to pay attention to where you are going. It’s the same as driving anywhere new for the first time. You need to slow down and look around more for the obstacles that may appear on your journey. Most GPS systems will warn you now about diversions, so you’ll have a good idea when one is approaching on your journey through Macon.

While we hope you won’t experience a car accident as a result of any of these safety risks in the local community, our team is always here to help. A Macon car accident lawyer will support you after an accident and should be one of the first phone calls you make if you find yourself involved in an incident this year. Our team is proud to serve the local community and will support you through even the most difficult of times. Contact us today for further information or to discuss a recent accident you’ve been involved in.